Chrono Trigger - Ayla Portrait

Monday, April 11, 2011

Here's how Ayla turned out:

I later learned that she's referenced from another fictional character who's meant to be fair-skinned but I didn't like how it looked compared to my original vision of her, so I used Vanessa Williams as a reference in terms of skin tone, since she has naturally blue eyes.
The painting overall has gone through a few changes but I'm leaving it like this for now and will move on to a different one for a break. Been messing about with this one for long enough!

For those who don't know her character
: She is a chief of a tribe and is from the prehistoric age. Statistically, she's the strongest human character and fights bare-fisted, so I wanted her to look tough and well-built. There's a rough sketch of her costume a couple of posts down but I wanna focus on mug shots first. :)

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