Thursday, 11 December 2014

Tattoo Times #01


Long story short: I'm now training to be a tattoo artist under the guidance of Daniel Grimes at Rock&Roller Tattoos (he did my tattoo earlier this year).

It took a while to get started 'cause I had to wait for silicone arms to come back in stock, but I had my first go at using the tattoo machine today.

The design I drew a few weeks ago.
It's available to buy on my Society6 store.
Dan adjusted the design to make it more effective. I like it. :)
Stencil applied~
Me getting mah ink on.
The silicone arm is by Pound of Flesh.
My first go at using a tattoo machine! ~1.5 hrs.
Naturally, I was a bit wobbly to start off with but got the hang of it after about 40-50 mins. Looking forward to doing more. :)

Monday, 8 December 2014

Doodle Noodle

Nothing serious - just doodling/relaxing.

Noticing loads of flaws in it now, hah. :P Ah well.


I don't get why the previous one came out so warm - this is how it looked whilst painting.

Speedpaint: Fashion Portrait #00

Another speedpaint study based on a photo I Pinned a while ago. Based on a basic Google search, I think the photographer is Daria Zaytseva:

It isn't a particularly strict study but I like the mood of it.

Speedpaint: Sargent Study #00

Feeling out of touch with digital work, so I did a speedie. It's fairly off but good practice nonetheless.

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Introducing 'Nom'

Anyone who knows me well will know that I really enjoy making treats and nomming them, and better yet, sharing them with friends. My partner normally cooks the savoury meals while I make sweet treats, which will now be shared on my food blog:

I'm also on Instagram, where I'll mainly be posting food updates and WIP shots of current and future artwork.


Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Oxford Fashion Week A/W 2014

After attending the S/S show in March and sharing my sketches, I was invited to the Birds of Paradise show last Saturday, where I sketched live during the reception and catwalk.


These were displayed and up for sale during the show.

Livingstone's Turaco
Mixed media on A3 Bristol paper.

Red Bird of Paradise
Mixed media on A3 Bristol paper.
Mini business cards (courtesy of were placed into
everyone's goodie bags. I also prepared some Thank You cards for anyone who
buys original artwork from me, complete with an authentic wax seal stamp.

Catwalk Sketches

These were really quick! Maybe 10 seconds max, then some more scribbling based on memory before the next model showed up. I'll be working these up like the ones from last year once I get photo reference from the photographers and they will all be available to buy (approx. 9.5x8" white paper).

My grey marker was running low and it really light, so I had to darken the scans. If you'd like to reserve one as it is, please email me the reference number ASAP at info [at] before I add more to it.

Apologies to those who wanted to see them during the After Party, but my things were packed away in the storage cupboard and the lighting in the club was too dark to see them anyway.

BoPcwIS 0

BoPcwIS 1

BoPcwIS 2

BoPcwIS 3

BoPcwIS 4

BoPcwIS 5

BoPcwIS 6

BoPcwIS 7

BoPcwIS 8

BoPcwIS 9

BoPcwIS 10

BoPcwIS 11

BoPcwIS 12

I'll update this post when they're finished.


These are just from my phone. There were photographers everywhere but they're still being organised atm.

Setting up before guests arrive for the reception.

Photo by fashion designer Julia Chew.
Check out her work, it's beautiful:
Live jazz band! There was also a cocktail bar courtesy of
The Varsity Club, where we had the After Party.

The models were too busy for me to draw before the show,
so I drew the t-rex skeleton instead. xD

That's a wrap! I had a brilliant time and am grateful that they invited me to the show. Fingers crossed I'll be at future ones too. ;)

Thanks for reading,
Naomi xxx

Monday, 6 October 2014


Some concepts for no particular reason.....other than the fact that I like trees. :)