Dino Worksheet #01

Friday, October 28, 2016

Both of my nephews are into dinosaurs and I'd wanted to get the older one a globe for a while. I bought him one that can switch into constellations at night, which looked pretty cool. :) 

Dinosaurs as a Catalyst for Discovery

I printed my designs and stuck them on card,
then applied a clear film on top to make it waterproof.
To accompany the globe, I designed a worksheet to encourage users to learn where different countries are. Each dinosaur is from a different continent* and I left clues/questions for him to research....along with an answer sheet for my sister!

I used information and based my illustrations on those found at The Natural History Museum website for consistency. This is a personal project for family - not for commercial use.

Defining the Art Syle

Readjustable 'glue dots' were applied to the back of these
so that my nephew can stick the dinosaurs on parts of
the globe they're from. 
The dinosaurs are quite basic due to time constraints, but I also like the clean, minimalist look of them. Overall, it allows me to have new worksheets ready for future birthdays as they're more achievable, design-wise, whilst juggling other responsibilities, such as my tattooing and illustration careers.

I'll update this post with his input when he gets round to filling in the worksheets. They're quite tricky (and he's a smart kid), so it should prove a decent challenge for him.

Do you think this is a fun way to get kids to learn where countries are? Post comments and suggestions below~

Thanks for reading. :)
Naomi xxx

* Turns out, a lot of the well-known ones were first found in America, so I had to hunt for more obscure ones for variety!

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