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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Hi all!

I came across this great thread and was inspired to create a template of the clock idea:

"How Do I Use The Schedule Clock?"

Thank you to the clever parent who thought of this idea!
The idea is to colour in the segments relating to certain tasks so that you have a clear visual overview of your day/week. I've added squares and writing space to create your own key and you can circle "AM / PM" (whichever is applicable) at the top. I tried a variation where it was all in one clock but it looked too confusing and lost its easy, simple charm.

The original was to teach kids about time management but I'm sure 'grown-ups' (whatever they are) would benefit from this a creative business owner, I'll certainly give it a shot!

It's in greyscale for easy printing and you can make it colourful by adding your own schedule. ;) I didn't use black because I felt the contrast was too strong and that colours would pop out more if the template took a step back.

Feedback is very much welcome~ I'm not sure if 4 boxes are enough but at the same time, maybe it'll force me/us to lead a simpler life...

Do you like this template? 

I made it in my spare time simply because I think it can be useful and I like to share things. If you find value in this and would like to help an independent artist, please donate via PayPal. :)

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How Do You Use Your Schedule Clock?

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Naomi xxx

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