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Monday, February 09, 2015

Queeny in my brand colours.
I drew this glam, stylised version of the queen recently for a postcard design (it features in the spot where you place the stamp):

The details side of my postcard design.

 ....after seeing the Chinese New Year cards sell well on eBay, I thought it would be nice to get some of these printed and sell too. However, I'm not sure what text style to go for, or what backdrop colours would be worth getting printed.

So! If you wouldn't mind sparing a few seconds, please pick your preferred text style and colour variation(s) and I'll get the most popular ones printed and ready to sell on eBay. :)

Please vote by March 16th 2015!
What Text Style Do You Prefer?
Please vote by March 16th 2015!
What Colour Variations Do You Prefer? 

Thanks! I'm giving this 'til March 16th so they can be printed and on sale from April onwards.

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  1. I think either pink or purple. As it's a feminine design the pink will appeal to more women however the purple gives a more regal look (given it's an illustration of the Queen) :) xXx

  2. Thanks, Nat! I really like the pink one too and thought I'd add royal red and imperial purple for good measure. :) I'd like to get around three variations printed to begin with, then see how it goes from there. xxx


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