Graffiti Sketches

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Heya! I've been meaning to post these ages ago but have been busy coding my new website.

If you've been on my website/LinkedIn page lately, you'll notice that I'm interested in a new challenge this the form of Fashion Illustration! It's a field I've always had an affinity to, along with costume design, so I'm quite excited to make this move now that I'm a freelancer again.

I'm still interested in concept design in games/films and feel these skills can transfer nicely into fashion, so I don't intend on giving one up for the other.....just expanding my horizons. :)

In preparation for this, I've been experimenting with mixing a couple of styles (mainly graffiti with hints of Art Nouveau). Here's what happened:

^ This one's been painted up for the new site.

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