Sketch Dump

Monday, July 04, 2011

I got fed up of carrying and drawing in the big sketchbook 'cause it's so cumbersome so I've downsized to an A5 hardback and splashed some paint on it:

I'll be attending the Eurogamer Expo this year in attempt to get some crits and exposure of my work, so it wouldn't hurt to dedicate some time to packaging to make it more memorable. Normally, I paint a character, but this will coincide with my portfolio so they'll look better together. All in the name of marketing, baby. ;)

The first sketch inside:

Been watching Tangled and Book of Kells lately (excellent films and they're both on LoveFilm) and I like how both used hair as part of the character's movement and personality, so here's what I would look like if I were an animated character of some sort! Though I don't have the tattoo yet....the rest shall be explained when it's in full colour.

These lot are from the old SB:

These were from the Oxford Meet where we went to Pitt Rivers to look at lots of sharp and pretty things behind glass. Miiiight have spent too much time socialising instead of drawing, though. Still, it was good fun.

1-minute poses.

Rawr, abs!

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