Self Portrait 2011

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Here's a glamorous, stylised version of me!

If you're curious as to what I actually look like, here's my current Twitter/LinkedIn pic:

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  1. Speak for yourself - don't you have work tomorrow? :P

    G'night, Luffy!

  2. I saw something scary so Im gonna stay up a bit longer to calm down lol :P Paintings looking good Noda. Good work keeping the contrast low on the skin tones. Maybe you can use a softer edge on parts that aren't so important like the bridge of the nose. Im liking the vibrant colour choice too. You've been Disney-fied.

  3. Aww no. :( Watch something happy and fluffy~ Or something funny like The I.T. Crowd (I think it's still on 4od atm), since you've probably memorised my usual film suggestions by now.

    Cheers! Yeah I've been trying to keep an eye on it since since you pointed it out. Come to think of it, you rarely ever do self-portraits. I want to see a Disney You, Ho!

    Need to sleep now. got lots of work to do tomorrow (or today, technically). See ya~ x

  4. Love it ! Cool style, you've captured your likeness too !

  5. Thanks, Marc! Good to know it actually looks like me and not some generic Asian girl. Oh wait, that is me. xD


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