Time to Get Ugly

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

SO. Getting into the gaming industry is proving to be more difficult to do now with the current environment so I figured my (super-simplified) choices, besides improving my work and understanding in general, are the following:

a.) Man-up my work. Lots of brown....broooowwwnnnn.
b.) Go cutesy for casual gaming.

I've done some vector stuff lately and have loads of stylised shizz so perhaps it's time to switch sides to test the water. I received this really wonderful book by Adrian Smith (Dark Fantasy) as a graduation present and decided to use it (and some Brian Froud books) as a starting point to draw the kind of subjects I don't normally do.

I started this last night and haven't finished yet but wanted to post it now in case I butcher it later. :P

^ Let us not be sexist! Here be a lady.
She started off with longer hair until it looked like some
weird ogre shampoo advert so I gave her a plait instead.

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