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Monday, February 21, 2011

My mind keeps bouncing back to an old painting of a blind mage and wanting to expand on its story more, so I started doing this today. The idea is that all mages are physically blind and instead 'see' in a more spiritual/magical way very similar to sonar technology; perhaps to the extent that they can see within beings to spot weak points, much like how CAT scans work. The more advanced their skills, the more they can see and respond to them. Such abilities can either make them deadly weapons or invaluable tools in medical treatment.

Anyhoo, that's the base idea so far and here's a start on some hat/hair designs.

The whole horn thing is kinda a mix of: a.) I like the shapes they make, b.) I've been playing Dragon Age a lot, where mages are heavily disliked and in a sense, are seen as sins or devil-like....but tbh it's mostly the former. :P Also, where there are big, flat spaces on the hats, I figured it could have a family/clan emblem or something (to indicate they're the leader or said group). It's all very up in the air right now!!


On a side note, I haven't been a completely lazy bum and not drawing much but have recently designed a tattoo for myself. It's been an enjoyable process to design something so personal and time (i.e. funds, lol) will tell if I wuss out or not! I don't want to post it until it's literally on my back and chances are it'll be in the me/Me. blog.

If you know any really good (and cleeaan) tattoo artists in Newport/Cardiff (Wales, UK) then drop me a line, please! The more recommendations the better. :) If they have a website that would be grand - otherwise I'll contact them closer to the time to see their previous work.

PS: [In terms of all the photos on this blog] Scanned versions of these drawings will be on my website once I get enough done to make a compilation of pages for my portfolio. Apologies for the blurriness!

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