Introducing NAOHOA Luxury Bespoke Tattoos

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

NAOHOA Luxury Bespoke Tattoos

After a giant leap of faith and lots and LOTS of elbow grease, I decided to set up my own tattooing business. :O


When I was looking for a place to get my tattoo, it was difficult to find a place I felt comfortable and welcome in. The stereotypes are still very strong in the industry and I recall walking into one place, being glared at by big burly blokes who looked like they were judging me, then walking straight back out. That sense of intimidation teamed with the high cost of tattoos made me wonder why it isn't treated more like a luxury commodity. If you spent the same sort of money at a hotel or fine dining, you'd be spoilt rotten! I'd been fortunate enough to have experiences at such establishments a handful of times to know the difference between high-end service and your Average Joe....and decided to bring that into the tattoo scene.

To see what treats I offer clients, please visit the About NAOHOA page.

I'm Not The Only One

Let's face it: I'm a classically feminine woman. A girly girl. I didn't fit into the gaming industry and sure as hell don't fit into tattooing. People don't expect me to be either, which I find more amusing than annoying. :P

There are definitely more people like me who'd like ink and I want NAOHOA ('naya-howa') to be the safe, comfortable studio of their choice.

Applying Concept Art Techniques with Tattooing

As the tagline suggests, I only do bespoke tattoos. Each design is unique to every customer and I flat-out refuse to copy existing designs (unless they have the artist's permission) or repeat mine on another client. The only exception is if a pair/group of friends want matching tattoos to unify their bond. At first I thought, "Why people would want something permanent on their body that matches a stranger's is beyond me", then delved into it more....perhaps they simply haven't found EXACTLY what they want, but the photo(s) they found are close enough. "That'll do".

You shouldn't have to compromise 
on something so permanent  and 
at NAOHOA, you won't. 

Working as a concept artist in the gaming meant I had to do loads of variations of the same thing until the strongest one was deemed acceptable and made it into the game. Or not! Lots gets thrown out in that industry. I essentially do the same thing with my business at a smaller scale so that customers have options and can steer the ship towards that tattoo they've wanted for ages.

A Peaceful Environment

Many studios are still dark and grungy or at best, hip and alternative. There's nothing wrong with these as there's clearly a market for them - I just think there's a gap for people like me. Given my attitude to tattoos being a luxury and deserving such treatment, NAOHOA is more akin to a beauty spa or art gallery.

Calm and classy.

Interested in Ink?

If NAOHOA sounds like your kinda place, please *contact me* and we'll get the ball rolling! :D

Thanks for reading,
Naomi xxx

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