Tattoo Times #01

Thursday, December 11, 2014


Long story short: I'm now training to be a tattoo artist under the guidance of Daniel Grimes at Rock&Roller Tattoos (he did my tattoo earlier this year).

It took a while to get started 'cause I had to wait for silicone arms to come back in stock, but I had my first go at using the tattoo machine today.

The design I drew a few weeks ago.
It's available to buy on my Society6 store.
Dan adjusted the design to make it more effective. I like it. :)
Stencil applied~
Me getting mah ink on.
The silicone arm is by Pound of Flesh.
My first go at using a tattoo machine! ~1.5 hrs.
Naturally, I was a bit wobbly to start off with but got the hang of it after about 40-50 mins. Looking forward to doing more. :)


Second crack at using a tattoo machine, 22/12/2014.
I used a coil machine that time to see what it was's defo not as comfortable as rotary, but it's good to know for myself. I've actually ordered a rotary machine so I can practice more because the guy I'm learning from is crazy busy atm and doesn't always have a spare machine, so this is literally as far as I've gotten so far. :(

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