Burnt Metal Textures

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Last Saturday morning someone decided it would be a ruddy good idea to set my car on fire. I guess staying in bed at 7am during the weekend just isn't all that appealing to today's young arsonists but there we go. My car was completely burnt down, leaving absolutely nothing that was salvageable.......or so I thought! After the initial stages anger, confusion and distress, I decided to sieze the moment and take some truly authentic texture shots before it was taken away by the insurance fairies.

Also, as much as I'd love to take credit for this idea, it was actually a suggestion by my friend Liz after she and her sister (an old high school friend) came to comfort me over some coffee.

.....I had cake. It was good.


Here are some shots of the car itself if you're curious:

Is it sad that I kinda like this one?!

And here are the more decent texture shots I snapped up. They're completely raw so feel free to play around with them and use them for whatever. If you use it for something commercial or generally feel so inclined then I'd appreciate donation(s) so I can save up for a new car!! I accept PayPal. ;)

I have a normal snappy casual camera so these might not be super clear but hey....it's something!

If you like these textures then help a car-less girl out and donate! :D
There's no minimum amount - you can choose how much to donate.

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  1. Wow thats unfortunate, glad you found a positive from it! good luck with the new car, keep rockin!

  2. Thanks, man. :) I think it's gonna take quite a while 'til I can afford another car lol but at least my hand still works so I can keep drawing!

  3. Thank you kindly. May I use these professionally?


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