Ragnarök Book

Friday, May 21, 2010

My book arrived today! I had it printed via blurb.com and it came out really well (despite my n00b mistake of not applying my name to the front cover).

Here are some photos. :)

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  1. Blah blah testing testing this should work but people still have problems posting, apparently.

  2. Nice one Nao! This looks great! Very professional, like its a proper published book! I think youve managed to convince me to do something similar hehe. Good going! Whats the text about?
    I finally found a way to post now... I need to press the page down key to find the word verification box :P

  3. Hahah, well at least you got there in the end. :P

    Cheers! The parts of text are just basic descriptions of what I did and why (i.e. annotations). I'd defo consider doing something like this as a portfolio or even a souped-up sketchbook 'cause overall it looks really impressive when it's all printed out. :)

  4. Also, I see what you mean about the comments thing now. It's fine with smaller comments and sometimes the verification process doesn't even appear (on Safari - less likely on Firefox). I tried upgrading the template but it all went a bit doolally. o.<;

    Soz doods but I'm really liking this template atm. Will see how things go in the future (if I make my own/find a better one).

  5. Beautiful book Naomi, looks really professional :) I couldn't comment before in firefox, but now I can so you obviously fixed something!


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